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Phrasee’s Awesome: AI Winner at CB Insights

While everyone was winding down for the year, Phrasee was driving home a stellar victory for AI in Enterprise Marketing Solutions at the CB Insights’ Demo Day that ran on December 12, 2017 in San Francisco. 

Phrasee, selected from a pool of over 2,000 applicants, presented as one of 40 ground-breaking early-stage businesses from across eight countries that were showcased at the CB Insights’ Demo Day from the beautiful Golden State.

Companies chosen to present were evaluated by heads of companies such as Bose, Cisco, and Toyota AI among others across two rounds of interviews with questions posed by CB Insights about the company’s market traction, product availability and originality, founder expertise, revenue, and both size and recency of funding received.

In case you’ve missed it, Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate marketing language that out-performs humans. We use advanced language technologies to quantify, generate and optimize email subject lines that increase opens, clicks and conversions.

We’re helping big brands around the world increase the revenue generated from their email marketing. If you’ve received emails from the likes of Domino’s, Gumtree or Virgin Holidays, it’s likely you’ve experienced our AI tech in action – without knowing it. Our ability to create brand compliant subject lines is just that good.

It’s no wonder then that the judges’ favourite in the AI category was London-based Phrasee (of which we had no doubt, of course).  To be honest, we’re sure that California’s Silicon Valley is still reeling off of Phrasee’s ability to turn profit within three years of operations (yes, really), absolutely out of character for most (AI) tech companies in their early years.

Our awe-inspiring leader, Parry Malm (CEO), took to the stage to present Phrasee AI tech to an audience of 300 as the kick-off to the A-ha! Conference. Malm’s outlandish charm won the hearts of many. But at the end of the day Phrasee’s application of AI tech coupled with a business plan that’s delivering results brought it home in the minds of the judges panel, comprised of Amit Chaturvedy from Cisco Systems, Ted Stuckey from QBE Insurance Group, and Alessandro Vigilante from Fidelity Investments.

CB Insights congratulated Phrasee on their win as “Most Innovative AI Startup” at the first-ever CB Insights Demo Day. “From over 2,000 applicants, Phrasee passed two rigorous application rounds and then pitched onstage as a finalist. Their creative pitch on their unique application of artificial intelligence in marketing language generation and the scalability of their company really impressed our judges .” Adding, “We’re excited to see what’s next for them.”

Phrasee’s use of Natural Language Generation to write language that is indistinguishable from that of humans, combined with the awesome application of Deep Learning to predict the performance end-to-end of a subject line before it’s sent out, is the reason behind our big wins for our clients. Domino’s is one such example, experiencing a 57% increase in email click rates.

Malm is happy with the win, and feels this is the start to real global market disruption.

“We’d like to thank our awesome founders, awesome team, awesome brand, and our awesome customers for helping Phrasee achieve such phenomenal heights in 2017. But we’re looking at cross channel applications this year, and have some big plans that include global expansion and product diversification. We’re coming for you 2018.” – Drops mic.

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