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AI Marketing: 5 awesome tools every brand should check out

Artificial intelligence is changing the way marketing is done.

Although the shift thus far has been relatively subtle, and the waters of change remain fairly murky, there is little doubt that AI marketing is well on its way to becoming a key driver of change across the marketing industry.

As the shift toward AI marketing kicks into high gear, the picture of where and how AI can be utilized most effectively in the marketing business is becoming clearer. An emerging list of exciting and innovative AI marketing tools is offering us a window into what an AI-driven marketing landscape could potentially look like.

Here are a few of the innovative and forward-thinking AI marketing tools already on the market that have brands and marketers talking about the intriguing possibilities to come.


1) Crisp


Just in case you hadn’t heard, we’re living in the age of the troll. For most, this fact amounts to little more than minor annoyance at asinine and inappropriate digital behaviour. For major brands using social media platforms to promote their products and services, however, online trolls represent a much more significant threat. From profane and offensive language in post comment sections to inflammatory replies on social networks, monitoring all of a brand’s digital marketing platforms for lousy behaviour and nipping it in the bud has become a full-time job.

Enter Crisp’s “Smart Moderation” – an AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) tool which monitors your brand’s digital marketing platforms for unwanted user interactions, then deletes them instantly, leaving them largely troll-free for your target audience to enjoy. It also monitors your social channels for complaints, service issues and other important/relevant interactions, enabling you and your team to focus on more pressing issues.

Crisp’s Smart Monitoring platform offers an elegant solution to a very real digital marketing problem and is well worth a look for any brand grappling with them.


2) PaveAI



Making sense of a brand’s Google analytics data on an ongoing basis to gain useful insights into your marketing strategy and execution can be tough. Gleaning actionable, practical recommendations and solutions from that data can be even tougher still.

PaveAI offers an AI-driven data analytics platform designed to comb through any brand’s Google analytics data to produce data-driven reports with insights and recommendations that help businesses achieve their marketing goals in real time.

While using AI as a means to glean useful insights from piles of data is by no means a new idea, applying this process specifically to Google analytics for the purpose of improving marketing strategy efficiency offers some very intriguing possibilities for the world’s marketers and brands.


3) Phrasee


Bet you didn’t see this one coming!

AI marketing copy specialists Phrasee have invested a huge amount of time and effort into developing an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of generating marketing language that consistently outperforms that written by human copywriters. Up until very recently, their focus has been limited to optimizing brands’ email subject lines to increase opens and clicks-through, a task at which it has proven quite successful.

However, it appears as though Phrasee’s aspirations have recently expanded.

After changing the way the marketers viewed and wrote email subject lines forever, Phrasee has now set the sights of its world-beating AI marketing language generation and optimization platform on the world’s Facebook and Instagram ads.

If Phrasee is able to replicate the amazing successes of its email marketing platform on social channels, any brand would do well to give this impressive platform a try.


4) Relay 42

5 awesome ai marketing tools

Digital journeys to purchase are becoming longer and windier roads by the day. With so many channels and devices now at play, lost revenues from cumbersome journeys to purchase have become a very real concern.

Good news: there’s an AI for that, too. Customer journey optimization platform Relay 42 centrally manages disparate customer data from all sources to create independent profiles based on real-time behaviour. It then anticipates customer behaviour, and acts on the resulting insights instantly to create micro-personalized purchase journey experiences at scale.

1:1 personalization is fast becoming the holy grail of the digital marketing world, and Relay 42 promises to help brands get closer to grabbing that grail than ever before. AI certainly appears to be the perfect fit to help the 1:1 marketing personalization dream a reality.


5) Klevu


As Netflix and Spotify have proven, using past behaviour data to anticipate what consumers might want in the future is a task AI is more than capable of performing well. It was really only a matter of time until the same approach was applied effectively to the exploding field of eCommerce.

Klevu is an AI-powered eCommerce search solution, designed to drive more revenue for mid-level and enterprise-level online retailers through enhanced accuracy and merchandising capabilities. With a cutting-edge natural language processing (NLG) algorithm at the helm, Klevu offers eCommerce brands the opportunity to glean actionable insights from search queries and shopper behaviour in real time. This feature, coupled with a machine learning algorithm which monitors short-term and long-term eCommerce trends at scale to make product recommendations with pin-point accuracy, make Klevu worth investigating for any eCommerce business.


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