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8 awesome Independence Day subject lines no-one has used yet

Ah, Independence Day…


What a glorious event to celebrate!

Sure, Congress actually voted to declare independence from the British Empire 2 days earlier (on July 2nd, 1776), but why let facts get in the way of a day off and a good fireworks show, amirite?

Of the 300+ million people currently residing in the United States, over 200 million celebrated Independence day in 2017, and trends indicate that those numbers should be even higher in 2018.

Indeed, the birthday of the world’s 3rd largest nation is certainly cause for celebration, but this venerable holiday also offers email marketing opportunities that are simply too good to pass up.

Americans spend almost $7 billion annually on 4th of July revelry, including the purchase of 700 million pounds of chicken, 200 million pounds of gunpowder, and 150 million hot dogs.

What brand wouldn’t want a slice of that wholesome American apple pie?

***Phun phact: Americans put sliced cheddar cheese on their apple pie instead of ice cream/custard***

Here at Phrasee, helping brands claim a bigger piece of the email revenue pie with better email subject lines is what we’re all about, and 2018’s 4th of July subject line possibilities are too intriguing not to take a stab at.

Sadly, our cutting-edge AI marketing language generation/optimisation technology is busy helping our customers make more money through better marketing language, so we suppose we’ll just have to speculate…

Feel free to use any of these subject lines for your brand’s Independence Day email campaigns, free of charge!



1) U.S.Eh? 4th of July savings on long weekends in Canada!



2) You gotta fight! For your right! To poooouuuur-tea!

Get it? Boston Tea Party? Tea companies take note! Also, are the Beastie Boys still relevant?


3) This is the Super Bowl of emails

The Super Bowl is awesome.


4) On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?

Also works as a pickup line.


5) Dog Bless America!

Hey, the pet industry pulled in 69.51 million bucks last year.


6) These prices are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut!

Everybody likes folksy expressions.


7) Uncle Sam wants YOU!… to open this email

Could work…


8) George Washington would cross The Delaware for these savings!

We’ll show ourselves out.



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