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8 awesome Hallowe’en subject lines no-one has used yet

As a general rule, Hallowe’en subject lines are the worst.

Just. The. Worst.

It’s probably the most shameful time of year in the entire email marketing industry calendar.

It’s inexplicable how armies of talented email marketing professionals, many of whom deliver strong email subject line copy between the months of January and September of each year suddenly turn into cliche-spewing hacks every October.

In recent years, the total number of linguistic variations of the “scary good” / “so good it’s scary” subject line across all industries has surely reached into the millions. While the “So good it’s scary” subject line is generally regarded as the worst offender in the email marketing game, it is by no means the only ridiculously overused Hallowe’en-themed subject line meme plaguing our industry.

But we aren’t here just to talk about bad subject lines. Here at Phrasee, we prefer to be more solution-oriented in our approach to such things.

We know that the mighty email marketing brain trust can (nay, must!) do better.

And we’ve got a phew suggestions…


8 awesome Hallowe’en subject lines no-one has used yet


1)Frank(enstein)ly, this is an email you should open”

See what we did there?


2) “This might give you the crepes”

Only works if you are running a campaign on behalf of a creperie, but still.


3) “Did you hear who won the skeleton race? No BODY!”

Don’t act like you’re not laughing.


4) “These savings are un-BOO!-lievable!”

Come on, that’s good.


5) “These deals are fangtastic!”

Particularly good for dental marketing emails.


6) “If you’ve got it, haunt it”

Yep. That just happened.


7) “Witch better have my candy”

Probably most effective on a young audience.


8) “Trick or treat yo’ self!”

Works for so many different products and services.


Are these perfect? Not even close. Were they optimised and tested using Phrasee’s sophisticated artificial intelligence language generation technology? No, but they could’ve been.

They haven’t been analysed, they haven’t been tested, and to be perfectly honest, they might not perform all that well. But we can promise you one thing: using any of the subject lines listed above will be less boring than any subject line which follows the tired “so good it’s scary” trend.

And in the world of email marketing subject lines, less boring is always a step in the right direction.


Happy Hallowe’en!


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