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7 (non-ESP) companies driving email marketing’s renaissance

Email marketing’s renaissance is in full swing.

The lofty promises of social media’s marketing channels have proven to be a red herring and the marketing dollar pendulum has begun to swing back toward email, where it belongs. For some, this has come as a surprise. The seemingly insurmountable road-blocks of spam filters, an over-saturated market and the shift toward social media as the go-to communication channel, appeared to be slowly kicking email out the door.

But email is back!


And it’s better than ever.

Why? There are many reasons.

But for our money, there is one thing above all others that has sparked the second coming of age in the email marketing field: It is filled with great people.

And those great people have found solutions to email marketing’s limitations. They have built the amazing companies and products which have allowed email to overcome the obstacles which once plagued it, and which have helped email as a marketing channel achieve it’s true potential.

Let’s look at a few of them…

7 (non-ESP) companies driving email marketing’s renaissance

1) Email on Acid

emailonacid: 5 companies that are making email cool again
What they do:

Email On Acid provides a “one stop shop” for all your email marketing campaign optimisation needs. Their service allows users to build, edit, test, view, and optimise their emails before they are sent. Emails can be previewed as they will appear on over 50 different email viewing platforms, including several different mobile devices, ensuring that emails are optimised on whichever device they are opened.

The site offers comprehensive analytics to track exactly how email campaigns perform, spam testing to ensure that emails do not get caught in spam filters and email bug optimisation to quickly and easily fix the various bugs that plague email marketing campaigns.

Why you should care:

Designing an effective email marketing campaign is an extremely nit-picky proposition. This service offers simple, easy to use solutions to many of email’s more bothersome issues.

  • Ensuring that emails appear the way you want them to on any device on which they may be opened is a huge advantage.
  • Testing for how the various spam filters used in the email industry will treat an email is also a key factor in email marketing success, since ending up in the spam folder is bad news, any way you slice it.

2) Kickdynamic

kickdynamic: 7 companies that are making email cool again

What they do:

Kickdynamic specialise in contextual personalisation for email marketing, and the “context” here runs deep. Gathering, and then optimising for, information on the times, locations, devices, preferences, past habits, and even weather effecting your email recipients and their email open, click, and conversion behaviours promises to drive an increase in ROI as your emails become increasingly targeted, personalised, and triggered.

Why you should care:

Understanding your audience, and the context in which it is viewing your marketing emails, is the very essence of true personalisation. Kickdynamic is next-level stuff in the personalisation and triggered content world.

  • Keeping your marketing emails relevant to the context of your audience is a huge advantage.
  • Optimising exactly what you audience is sent based on that context can make all the difference in the world.

3) LiveIntent

liveintent: 7 companies that are making email cool again

What they do:

LiveIntent is a display advertising network within the email channel. You bid on your targets, demographics, or even a list of specific email addresses – and LiveIntent will push ads to them within third party newsletters.

Why you should care:

For years, programmatic advertising was only available on-site. But, there’s huge – and responsive – inventory in global publishers’ email newsletters. Previously, you had to buy a run-of-newsletter style ad to get in there. But this was hugely inefficient… and expensive. What LiveIntent allows is you to bid on email newsletter ads the same way you bid on ads on websites. What’s even cooler is they have a “LiveAudience” feature, similar in concept to Facebook custom audiences, where you can load up a list of your customers’ email addresses… and only target them!

4) Litmus

Litmus: 5 companies making email cool again

What they do:

Litmus offers an easy to use platform on which to build, test, and optimise marketing emails before you send them. It offers cross-browser and email testing/previewing in real time, allowing for efficient email code troubleshooting, as well as detailed performance analytics data to streamline optimisation processes. In addition, Litmus offers a “checklist” feature, which enables testing on 50+ apps and devices, tests link, image, tracking validation and even tests email load time.

Why you should care:

  • Troubleshooting code and previewing the results in real time represents an improvement in optimisation efficiency.
  • Litmus’s code editor is built specifically for email, allowing for seamless email creation and optimisation.

5) MovableInk

moveableink: 7 companies making email cool again
What they do:

MoveableInk‘s agileEMAIL platform offers a variety of useful features for optimising and integrating email marketing campaigns, including a concept-to-code email builder that allows users to easily move and adjust all the elements of each marketing email to get its look and functionality the way you want it. The process of including content or of embedding video, countdown timers, maps and other visual features is simplified for easy email optimisation. MoveableInk’s “insights” features also provide easy to follow analytics to track campaign performance in real time.

Why you should care:

  • MoveableInk’s platform includes features that allow anyone to build slick-looking emails like a pro.
  • Clarity and ease of use of realtime tracking data is extremely helpful.

6) PowerInbox

powerinbox: 7 companies making email cool again

What they do:

PowerInbox provides effective monetisation features for email marketing campaigns with its RevenueStripe product. It matches curated, optimised and paid 3rd party content to existing campaigns or newsletters using data algorithm technologies. This enables new revenue streams for any business that uses email marketing. Their DynamicMail product offers intensive personalisation of marketing email content optimised for the individual habits and preferences of each recipient.

Why you should care:

  • Personalised content based on past habits and real data offers a more positive user experience, improving customer retention.
  • 3rd party monetisation features can offset email marketing budget costs.

7) Taxi For Email

Taxi For Email: m7 companies driving email marketing's renaissance

What they do:

Taxi For Email not only provides a library of email templates to build your email marketing campaigns, but also offers a product called “Taxi Syntax”. This allows existing code to be imported to create your company’s own branded, editable templates to build emails, which is really handy.

Why you should care

  • Building marketing emails from a slick looking template gives them a professional layout and appearance.
  • Taxi Syntax allows copywriters to focus on content, not code, saving time and money.

8) ***BONUS!*** Phrasee

phrasee: 7 companies making email cool again
What we do:

Phrasee specialises in the language of marketing. Our cutting-edge machine learning technology optimises every part of the language of an email marketing campaign, from the subject line through to the body copy and to the calls-to-action included in each campaign. We test, optimise and re-test the language used throughout your marketing emails to make sure that the message you are sending out is being received in the most positive way possible. The language you use matters, and Phrasee has made a business of understanding exactly what matters, why it matters and how to adjust the language a campaign uses effectively.

Why you should care:

  • Optimised email marketing language ensures maximised open and click rates, which in turn increases ROI.
  • Ongoing multivariate split testing allows the language you use to adjust seamlessly to market and customer behaviour trends.

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