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7 awesome email marketing blogs you might not know about

In the world of internet startups, content marketing is a fundamental part of any effective digital marketing strategy.

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In fact, content marketing may well be the single most effective way for a fledgling business to get its name out there, or for an established business to maintain its brand’s position.

Effective content gives exposure to our exciting new concepts and innovations. It drives quality traffic to our websites, generates sales leads, and establishes our brand’s voice as we present ourselves and our products to the world

For these reasons and many others, having an interesting, informative and entertaining blog is key for any company looking to establish itself in the email marketing space.

Email marketing blogs can add weight to our social media footprint and build key connections in our chosen field of study.

At least, when they are done right.

Here are 7 email marketing blogs that are already there.

7 awesome email marketing blogs you might not know about


PostUp: email marketing's finest blogs

PostUp’s blog combines a high degree of technical knowledge with easy to follow narratives and a dry sense of humour. It peppers the resulting text liberally with a healthy portion of quality gifs and images to keep the reader’s eye focused on the page.  The result is a slick, user-friendly product that stays on top of the latest developments in the field, as well as offering a healthy amount of original insight. All processed and presented in a way that even the most blue-collar among us can follow.




MessageGears: email marketing's finest blogs

The MessageGears blog offers some really impressive insights and recommendations for improving one’s email marketing approach. Their writers really know their stuff, and it shows. The information provided, while often quite technical, is presented in an easy to follow format, often with sharp accompanying graphs and charts to clear up anything murky. A great blog for honing your technical knowledge or re-evaluating your strategy.

Email on Acid

Email on Acid: Email marketing's finest blogs

The Email on Acid blog mixes many different aspects of the email marketing culture into its content. From in depth, step by step HTML code guides to analyses of recent email industry developments, and even recaps of recent industry events and conferences, this blog is a great place to go for anyone wanting to stay abreast of what is new in the email marketing world. Email on Acid’s writers explain highly technical tips and tricks in a way which makes them easy for almost anyone to adopt into their own email strategy. The rapid frequency of this blog’s posts keeps content fresh and ensures that there is always something new to check out every time you visit.


Elite Email

elite email: email marketing's finest blogs

Elite Email’s blog posts on email as a communications medium offer valuable information to anyone in the email marketing field. Elite Email’s blog posts are short, clear, and written in easy to follow language, which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to get the bullet points of an email marketing angle/aspect without having to wade through 1,000+ words to get there.


Email Monks

Email Monks: Email marketing's finest blogs

The Email Monks Blog digs deep to examine current trends in the email marketing industry. Targeted at email designers/developers, this slick-looking blog breaks down what the most successful email marketing brands are up to and explaining what is and isn’t working. This blog is a great resource for any email designer or developer who wants to advance their skills and compete with email marketing’s best and brightest.



Rebelmail: email marketing's finest blogs

Rebelmail’s blog is highly technical by nature. Geared toward those with a high degree of technical knowledge, this blog nonetheless offers some pretty amazing tools for any developer looking for a few cool hacks to add to their arsenal. As email marketing blogs go, the folks at Rebelmail don’t post all that often, but when they do it is always worth a read.



Phrasee: email marketing's finest blogs

Phrasee’s blog is pretty awesome, but, since you are here, we will assume that you already knew that. Our mandate is to offer a plain language explanation of what email marketing is, how it works, and how it can help any business. Since the core of our business lies where email marketing subject line language meets machine learning technology and rigorous optimisation split testing, readers can expect a healthy dose of content from several fields, including artificial intelligence, language, data analytics and input from industry experts across the field.

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