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5 reasons to get excited about eTail Palm Springs 2020

There are plenty of valid reasons to be excited about this year’s eTail Palm Springs conference in California. It’s widely regarded as one of the premiere events in the ecommerce and omnichannel retail calendar, and features many of the industry’s best and brightest minds from all across the globe.

Packed to the rafters with representatives from the most exciting retail and ecommerce brands, this year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet.

The Phrasee team will be in attendance at eTail Palm Springs 2020 in full force (meet them at booth 603) and, to put it simply, we are stoked. As we said, there are many reasons for this but, in our eyes, a few of those reasons stand out above all the rest…

1) Palm Freakin’ Springs

Have you ever turned down a trip to warm, sunny Palm Springs, California in February? Us neither. Situated at the fabulous JW Marriott, replete with pools, fine dining, and no shortage of flamingos, eTail Palm Springs 2020 is located in one of the world’s most fabulous holiday destinations. And for good reason. Whether you choose to spend your spare time golfing, bathing in hot springs, exploring the stunning countryside, or shopping the vintage boutiques of Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs has something for everyone, and the Phrasee squad has every intention of trying it ALL.

2) Awesome speakers

From Nike to Walmart and everything in between, representatives from many of the world’s most successful and recognized brands will be taking the stage to share their insights and adversities for all eTail Palm Springs 2020 attendees. Representatives from Gap, TechStyle, Sephora and MessageGears round out the list of speakers and attendees we’ll be prioritizing to see at this year’s event, but there are plenty more where they came from. The big challenge at this year’s event will be deciding between these amazing presentations when they overlap. Planning ahead will be a necessity.

3) The roundtable to end all roundtables

Phrasee’s very own Parry Malm is a very impressive dude. As Co-founder and CEO of an AI-powered copywriting company that has grown into a multi-million dollar business in under 5 years, Parry will be co-hosting a roundtable at the Transform EMAIL + RETENTION Summit on Monday, 24 February. Joining him will be Kristi Wraspir, CRM Strategy & Personalization Director at retail megabrand Best Buy. This can’t-miss-roundtable will delve deep into Best Buy’s path to retail success and the part marketing technology has played in ensuring the brand’s market-dominating position.

Kristi Wraspir, Director, CRM Strategy & Personalization, Best Buy

4) Swag/snacks

What would any industry conference be without a heaping helping of swag and tasty treats? Last year’s event featured beer cozies, doughnuts, caramel corn, bloody marys (served at 7:30 a.m.), beer tastings, 11 a.m. mimosas, and no shortage of useful branded swag. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what delicious treats and bags of goodies await us at eTail Palm Springs 2020! Oh, and we’ll have some swag of our own to share. Make sure you grab those phamous Phrasee notebooks – they go like cupcakes!

5) Top-secret launches and entertainment

As anyone who has attended this conference in the past can tell you, there are bound to be a few surprises on offer at eTail Palm Springs 2020. Phrasee will be bringing a few surprises of our own along with us (spoiler alert: there will be balloon animals involved!). We also have some very, very exciting news to share, but you’ll have to come by for a visit to get the details. eTail Palm Springs always has some very cool performances to keep the throngs in attendance entertained throughout this 4-day event, so we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled to make sure we don’t miss out.

Yes, eTail Palm Springs 2020 promises to be an awesome event, indeed. Sadly, as the first day nears, the hours seem to drag as the anticipation grows. We simply can’t wait to see what eTail Palm Springs 2020 has to offer, to shake hands with old friends and new, and to squeeze every last drop of fun out of this perennially awesome conference.

See you there!