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3 reasons GDPR won’t be a big problem for good email marketers

Email marketing is a fickle business.


It takes a talented, dedicated, and creative group of people to make it work.

Spam filters, Gmail tabs, blacklists, competition from social media, and an oversaturated global audience… the world’s email marketers have taken them all on, one after the other, and come away victorious. Every. Single. Time.

Next up, we’ve got GDPR to contend with.

The General Data Protection Regulation, a piece of legislation governing the ways in which consumers’ “private” digital data can be used by marketers, comes into effect across the EU next May, and already has many brands running scared.

For both brands and email marketers, while the GDPR will certainly present some new challenges, it’s certainly not the end of the world.

Here are 3 reasons why…


3 reasons GDPR won’t be a big problem for good email marketers


1) Those who are scrupulous with their opt-ins won’t be affected (much)

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The lead-up to the GDPR’s implementation will be a period of reflection for many in the email marketing business.

We all like to believe that our subscriber opt-in methodology is above reproach, but is it really? Do the fine folks we have collected on our mailing lists truly want to be there, or did they inadvertently grant us permission to email them without realising it when they were returning an ill-fitting pair of trousers a few months back?

Brands which send to mailing lists comprised primarily of “subscribers” who fit this mold could see their mailing lists decimated by the GDPR.

Every brand has at least a few of those folks on their mailing lists. For the scrupulous, however, whose lists are comprised primarily of willing subscribers who are actively involved in the email marketing dialogue, losing inactive/disinterested subscribers poses little problem, and may actually be a good thing in the long run.


2) Your subscribers still want what you have to offer


If you are a brand with a strong email marketing programme, you offer your subscribers value.

This value can come in many forms, from a funny newsletter to deep discounts on products your subscribers like, but it’d better be there. If you have been offering your subscribers nothing of value, the GDPR could be very bad news for you and your list indeed.

Offering value is what makes being on your mailing list worthwhile, and it’s why the GDPR doesn’t scare good email marketers at all. Good email marketers have been offering value all the way along. It’s the main thing that makes them good email marketers.


3) Well executed re-opt-in campaigns work

Image credit: Universal Cable Productions


No matter how good or bad your brand’s email marketing programme may be, the lead-up to the GDPR’s implementation is re opt-in season (or at least it should be).

It’s time for every brand to make sure its email marketing programme is compliant, and an awesome re-opt-in campaign is an excellent place to start. A re-opt-in campaign presents the perfect opportunity to separate the mailing list wheat from the mailing list chaff. Once you’ve filtered out the disinterested and disengaged you’ll be ready to get your opt-in process up to GDPR snuff and carry on delivering the same quality email marketing content and value you’ve always offered.

Now you, your brand, and your optimised mailing list can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you’ve put your GDPR concerns to bed, once and for all.

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