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3 reasons better email subject lines make brands more money

Every brand wants to make more money, right?

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We’re glad we cleared that up.

If you work for a brand that doesn’t want to make more money, you can stop reading now.

Use the time you’ve just saved by not reading this post to publicly align your brand with the pro kitten-punching lobby, or a global bacon ban or something on your brand’s blog / social media accounts.

There, that should do the trick.

For those who are still with us, let’s talk turkey.

First, we’ll need to agree on a few facts…


Fact 1: Email is an awesome marketing channel (it is)


Fact 2: Your brand should invest more into its email marketing program (it should)


Fact 3: Your email subject lines are holding your email program back from reaching its full revenue-driving potential (it probably is)


Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the most important part of any email marketing campaign: email subject lines.

Brands that invest in developing better email subject line copy make more money from email marketing than those which don’t.


Here are 3 reasons why…


3 reasons better email subject lines make brands more money


1) More email opens

Better subject lines means more emails opens. That is an indisputable scientific fact. Does more opened emails mean more revenue? Not necessarily. Off-brand, dishonest, or click-bait subject lines can often have just the opposite effect. Making sure that your email subject line copy remains on-brand and subscriber-friendly is just as important as driving open rates. Luckily, here at Phrasee we have figured out a way to do both (spoiler alert, it’s AI). That’s a good thing, because every opened marketing email represents one more chance to increase revenue.


2) Better audience engagement

Engaging modern digital audiences by email is getting tougher by the day. Grabbing (and holding) email subscriber attention spans is the clearest path to increased revenue. Subject lines are the most effective way to make it happen. An engaging, on-brand, subject line cuts through the inbox noise and connects with the consumer on a personal level. Understanding how humans respond psychologically to language, and specifically what language works on your brand’s audience, can help you construct the optimised email subject line language that drives revenue for your brand.


3) More customer lifetime value (CLV)

Mailing list unsubscribes are a bad thing. They wreak havoc on the brand-consumer email marketing dialogue, cut down the size of your brand’s email audience, and cost your brand future revenue.

The vast majority of consumers who decide to unsubscribe from a mailing list do so because the sender’s subject line copy is consistently sub-par or spammy. Building better subject line copy, optimised to your audience’s tastes, can help you retain subscribers and generate more revenue by extending the life of your relationship with your subscribers.


Building better subject lines takes discipline, rigor, and time. Luckily, there’s an easy way to skip ahead to the good part (more revenue). Let Phrasee show you the impact that AI-optimised email subject line language can have for your brand. Book a demo today!

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