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10 awesome Black Friday marketing campaign strategies

by Stu Elmes

Consumers spent over $15 billion on Black Friday Weekend in 2017, almost 17% more than they spent in 2016.

This year, it’s a safe bet that Black Friday could have even more revenue in store for retailers and brands.

While the ways consumers spend their hard-earned Black Friday cash are shifting rapidly (over 40% of Black Friday orders in 2017 were made on mobile devices), many tried and true marketing channels continue to yield positive results for brands (email marketing accounted for a full 23% of 2017 Black Friday sales attribution).

Even in a shifting marketing landscape like ours, one thing is for sure: any brand without a solid Black Friday marketing strategy in place for 2018 could miss out on one of the year’s premiere revenue-generating events.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start with your Black Friday strategy, you’re in luck: Phrasee has got a few awesome suggestions to help you and your brand make the most of this amazing annual marketing opportunity and claim your piece of the Black Friday pie.

1) Up your Facebook ad game

With over 1 billion users worldwide and ad-targeting capabilities unmatched by any other social channel, Facebook has become the social network of choice for brands and advertisers across the globe. Little wonder, then, that more than 5 million global businesses are now advertising on Facebook. With numbers like that, cutting through the noise and engaging Facebook users is tougher than ever. Building effective Black Friday facebook ads with engaging images and optimised ad copy can help your brand get its Black Friday campaign noticed by the massive network’s notoriously fickle and difficult to engage users. The time and money it takes to build an effective Facebook ad campaign are a sound investment, especially during an event like Black Friday, when every brand under the sun is seeking to exploit Facebook’s unparalleled reach.

2) Mobile first

Mobile devices have become the weapons of choice for brands hoping to engage consumers, and with good reason. The mobile device has emerged as the dominant user interface worldwide and is now considered an indispensable tool of human existence. Recent research indicates that the average American adult spends almost 3 hours on their smartphone every single day, rendering any Black Friday marketing campaign which is not mobile-friendly utterly useless. In fact, “mobile-friendly” isn’t really enough any more. Investing in “mobile-first” marketing has become the way of the future for Black Friday and every other day of the year.

3) What have you done for me lately?

If there is one indisputable fact about human nature, it is this: people love free stuff. This Black Friday weekend could just be the perfect time for a tempting prize giveaway. However cheap your competitors’ discounts are, they can hardly compare to free, can they? If giving away a few items is enough to keep your brand front-of-mind for Black Friday shoppers, the value of those items could end up being a drop in the bucket when compared to the revenues generated.

4) Plant some seeds

The time-limited deals will be coming at your target audience fast and furious this Black Friday weekend. Offering discounts or promotions that can be used at a later date, or that are valid for a slightly longer period of time than your competitors’ are can lock in some revenue for your brand a week or two down the road. Follow up with an email offering the same discount two weeks from now and you just might catch a few folks who were simply busy with other things on Black Friday.

5) Dig deep

There are going to be some really big discounts on offer for Black Friday this year. Ask yourself: is there a way you can make your offers just that little bit more appealing than everyone else’s? Sometimes it’s the little things that can seal the deal. Free shipping or a free gift can make all the difference in the world and give your audience that little nudge they need to click that “buy” button.

6) Change the subject

Retailers sent nearly 3 billion emails on Black Friday alone in 2017. In a tidal wave of marketing emails like that, it’s easy for your brand and its message to get lost. Remember that email subject lines are the single biggest factor in any email user’s decision to open an email or not. This is the perfect time to split test your email subject lines to make sure the Black Friday emails you send have optimised subject line language that resonates with your audience and guarantees maximum engagement.

7) Push it

Push notification open rates increased 2.6 times on Black Friday weekend in 2017. That’s a big jump and illustrates the value offered by investing in push notifications for any brand’s Black Friday campaigns. However, it’s worth noting that on the same weekend, overall push notification sends also tripled, meaning that it became even harder to stand out from the push notification crowd. Make sure your push notifications are optimised and ready for this year’s spending spree.

8) What's new?

Black Friday may seem like an odd time to unveil a new product or service, but is it, really? In a sea of promotions from every brand and retailer under the sun, maybe releasing a new product will set you apart from the crowd just that little bit more and help you engage your target audience in a more meaningful way at exactly the right moment…

9) Give back

For many, Black Friday represents the absolute pinnacle of consumerism run amok, and let’s be honest, those who think so are at least a little right. Why not separate your brand from the pack by doing something meaningful like donating a portion of your Black Friday revenues to charity or giving away some goods to a charitable cause? In 2018’s socially aware digital realm, where brands can be made or broken by public perception of their moral standing, doing something kind can go a long way. Plus, you know… it’s a good thing to do.

10) Unleash the email

The world’s email marketers are beginning to wake up to the fact that sending too many marketing emails can be a very bad thing for any brand. Aside from the increased user indifference and unsubscribe rates brands can suffer at the hands of their own over-emailing, such tactics can damage sender reputations and consumer brand perceptions. The modern email marketing approach is to cut down on email volume, increase email quality, and email more strategically. Well, in a potentially lucrative instance like Black Friday, a good strategist might say it’s a good time to up one’s email frequency a bit. Don’t go overboard, but a couple of extra emails this time of year can go a long way.

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