Most email marketers choose language by trusting their gut instinct or following the status quo.

But now there’s a better way.

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to write better email marketing language than humans. Then, powerful machine learning algorithms learn what works, and what doesn’t, to optimise your future messaging.

The end result? You get more opens, clicks, and conversions.

Phrasee does the heavy lifting for you.

Trillions of possibilities

There are trillions of ways to say the same thing… and human brains can’t consider all the possibilities. Good news though: Phrasee can.

Tailored to your brand’s voice

Your brand isn’t generic – so why should your language be? Phrasee’s algorithms are tailored to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.

Beating humans in >95% of tests

What good would Phrasee be if it didn’t out-perform human-generated language? To date, Phrasee has a >95% win rate. Not bad, eh?

Say hello to the future of email marketing language.

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