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New tech predicts consumers’ response to subject lines

Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite is open access artificial intelligence that predicts consumers’ emotional response to email marketing subject lines

LONDON–(September 24, 2015)–Phrasee Ltd, the marketing technology company, launched Phrasee Pheelings™ Lite – an open access version of their software that predicts the emotional response email subject lines trigger in consumers.

“What email marketers care about is language that resonates with their customers,” says Phrasee CEO Parry Malm. “Phrasee Pheelings is technology that predicts how your customers will subconsciously respond to your emails at scale. With Phrasee Pheelings Lite, anyone can benefit from our artificial intelligence, whether you’re Fortune 500 or fortunate to make $500.”

Phrasee Pheelings is the company’s unique technology that algorithmically quantifies the emotions and sentiments that drive response in direct marketing campaigns. It analyses marketing language across five key marketing emotions: Directness, Curiosity, Urgency, Friendliness, and Offbeat.

The Phrasee Pheelings technology is the result of training innovative machine learning algorithms to analyse any email subject line:

  • It deconstructs human language into its principal emotional components.
  • The emotional components focus on the 5 key marketing emotions: directness, curiosity, urgency, friendliness, and offbeat.
  • It predicts the response-driving emotions that the subject line will trigger in recipients
  • This allows email marketers to learn what style of language is most effective for a particular audience.

“When an email lands in an inbox, there are two options: open it, or ignore it. The primary variable within a marketer’s control is the email subject line,” notes Dr Neil Yager PhD, Phrasee’s Chief Scientist and creator of Phrasee Pheelings. “Understanding the subconscious emotional triggers that drive response is critical for predicting whether one subject line is better than another. That’s what Phrasee Pheelings does.”

Phrasee Pheelings Lite is available on Phrasee’s website. In lieu of user fees, Phrasee suggests users donate to Syria Relief. Donations may be given on this link.


Notes to editor

About Phrasee:
Phrasee Ltd. is artificial intelligence technology that generates better email subject lines than humans can. Phrasee Pheelings™ is a deep learning engine that predicts how customers will emotionally engage with your email marketing campaigns. Phrasee has offices in London, UK, and Vancouver, Canada. Website Twitter

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