The Phrasee team

Phrasee Infographic

Our dream team is made up of ordinary citizens from all over the globe who have Voltron-ed together to create something awesome. When we all put our hands in the center of the circle and murmur the incantation that summons the orb of light, we do so to rid the marketing world of bad content. 

Our customers love working with us, although they’re not 100% sure that we’re sane (we are; we checked). 

"I think it's magic, right?"

Ed Lye, CRM Manager, Gumtree

Leadership team

Parry Malm, Chief Executive Officer

Parry is a well-known digital marketing dude. He has worked with countless brands and media outlets to help them optimize their online results, and is one of the world’s leading experts on email marketing (which he blogs about here sometimes.) He started his career coding middleware for CRM software, then sent out millions of emails for global brands, before running the strategy department for an ESP. He holds a BBA (1st) in Marketing & Statistics and can probably beat you in an Excel-off. On weekends, he helps wayward youths see the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance.

Victoria Peppiatt, Chief Revenue Officer

Victoria is a person who gets things done. Vibrant, enthusiastic and often loud, Victoria is focused on ensuring that Phrasee not only attracts world-leading brands, but that they remain ecstatically happy. As CRO, she oversees marketing, sales, customer success and partnerships – ensuring all teams are aligned and working together. She’s an eternal optimist, and the possessor of the biggest smile in SW London. She holds a BMus in Music & Technology and is the proud mum to Max and Marni.

Dan Medlock, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Dan is an experienced finance leader across scale-ups and enterprise businesses. He was previously Finance Director for Streetbees, an AI scale-up and for the UK cybersecurity unit of BT Group plc. At BT he also led the international commercial finance team for cybersecurity, responsible for over $1 billion of commercial proposals. Prior to BT he co-founded a start-up and was a consultant for KPMG, advising technology businesses and private equity on growth strategy and M&A. Dan’s role is to ensure that Phrasee doesn’t spend too much on champagne and biscuits. It is a difficult job.

Neil Yager, PhD, Distinguished Data Scientist

Neil loves data. As one of the world’s leading experts in the commercialization of artificial intelligence, there’s not much he likes more than sinking his teeth into a fresh data set (well, maybe a Korean taco). Neil holds a PhD in Computer Science and was granted a prestigious innovation award. He has written over a dozen academic publications, a book on data mining, and holds several patents. Phrasee’s market-leading learning engine is the culmination of his experience and passion for machine learning. When not working, Neil is likely in a country you couldn’t find on a map, alongside his wife and sons.

Kath Easthope, VP, Global Marketing

Kath brings 25 years of agency-side experience developing communications and content marketing strategies for some of the most exciting and progressive tech brands, including helping to launch Salesforce in Europe. This launch sparked a passion for working with entrepreneurs and transformative CEOs that has continued to grow over the years. After 20 years on the agency side, most recently as Marketing Director of Bite, she headed to Phrasee. Kath’s job is to tell the story of Phrasee to the world, and possibly to other worlds if any aliens show up.

Natalie Johnson, VP, Global Sales

With over 10 years’ experience in MarTech advising global brands on their technology purchases, Nat has seen first-hand the marketing strategies of these household giants. Nat joined Phrasee in 2017, where she dived headfirst into spreading the word of the AI-generated copywriting revolution. Years of technical insight combined with her innovative approach make Nat the perfect fit for leading the expansion of Phrasee’s message into North America and beyond. Nat’s role is to explain AI-Powered Copywriting to potential clients in the best way possible, which she frequently does through interpretive dance.

Matt Potter, VP, Customer Success & Strategy

Matt is a Digital Marketing expert with 20 years at the front line of the MarTech industry, working with and for large corporates and innovative start ups. He has built out successful, scalable teams to drive growth in the UK, Europe and the US. Matt has worked with a large number of the world’s best-loved brands, guiding them through tactical campaign execution and strategic planning across email, mobile, social media and data. He has also had responsibility for building out partner programmes and ecosystems to drive sales growth, customer retention and product development. Matt’s role is a bit like being at mission control – slightly fewer screens, almost no rockets, but plenty to keep track of.

Jasper Pye, VP, Product

One of the original members of Phrasee’s founding team, Jasper’s active involvement in the building of Phrasee’s beta product and his uncanny ability to complete every single task he was ever assigned on time made him a natural fit as Phrasee’s Product Lead. With extensive design experience specialising in UX and UI/product design, Jasper has been integral in ensuring Phrasee’s world-leading AI is accessible, easy-to-use and simple to plug into each customer’s MarTech stack. Essentially, if something in the product bothers you, it’s Jasper’s fault, and we will allow you to throw one (1) tomato at him.

Barbara Rusis, Finance Director

With more than 25 years’ international accounting and financial management experience in high-tech companies, Barbara knows what truly drives the financial function of a growing company from her commercial experience in US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. She has lived for many years in Germany and Latvia working for global companies. She holds a BA in business and an MBA from Clemson University. When not doing Phrasee Phinance, she is most likely running a scout group. In her own words… A comedian in some cultures. A total nerd in others.