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Ch-ch-ch-changes: How to evolve your marketing for troubled times

Marketers are struggling to keep up with content demand. The power of Phrasee and Movable Ink combined can help!

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Ultimate Marketers Guide to the Festive Season 2020

How can you optimize your marketing this festive season? Pure 360 are here to help!

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[Case Study] How Dixons Carphone Reinvented Its Omnichannel Strategy

By combining Phrasee with Movable Ink and research from Proximity, Dixons Carphone was able to achieve epic results!

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Boosting Your Transactional Emails: No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts

It might be time to boost your transactional messaging! Find out how from the experts, including Phrasee’s CEO Parry Malm.

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Importance of subject lines in emails

In this interview, Parry Malm discusses the best practices for writing, optimizing, and delivering email subject lines and pre-header texts.

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4 Coronavirus Resources from Our Partners

In these unprecedented times, find out how you can pivot and adapt your marketing with these helpful resources.

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8 UK women in email marketing to follow in 2020

With International Women’s Day almost upon us, it’s a great time to reflect and celebrate some of the awesome UK women in email.

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Test Smarter: Achieving Growth With Email Experiments That Actually Work

Jen Capstraw reveals how you can test smarter to optimise your email marketing!

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Why Language is Critical in Marketing and What You Can Do to Maximize its Awesome Effect

How can you make sure your language is cutting through the marketing noise?

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The 4 Things That Make Language Really, Really Complicated… and What It Means for Marketers

Language is complicated. But it’s also really important! Parry Malm breaks it down for you.

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6 Ways that Subject Line Writing Has Changed

Check and see if your subject line writing is keeping up with these new tactics and strategies (hint – one of them is using Phrasee!).

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AI-Powered Language Optimization For Push Notifications, And Why It Works

Let’s take a look at how the modern world’s most talked-about technology can help your push notification marketing strategy.

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The Rising Tide: Get to Know Iterable

An interview with Phrasee Phriend Jen Capstraw, Iterable’s Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism.

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Email on Tap Episode 2, featuring Victoria Peppiatt, co-founder and COO of Phrasee

In this episode of Email on Tap, we find out how brand personality, tone, and AI can come together to create more powerful emails.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Email Copy: Coming to an Inbox Near You [Podcast]

Are you a marketer of the future? Are you taking steps to break the marketing status quo? Find out how you can with Parry Malm!

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Innovating Email Marketing

Find out everything you need to know about how artificial intelligence is turning the email marketing industry on its head.

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