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8 awesome World Cup 2018 open lines no-one has used yet

The 2018 World Cup is upon us at last.

Image credit: 20th Century Fox


And EVERYONE will be watching.

Every four years, FIFA’s 204 member countries prepare for the biggest event that the world’s most popular sport has to offer, and global consumer spending spikes in amazing and wonderful ways.

The world cup has basically become the biggest party in the world, and there is some serious cash to be made for brands that can make the most of this awesome opportunity.

What brand wouldn’t want a piece of that juicy email marketing revenue cake?

Here at Phrasee, helping brands claim a bigger piece of the email revenue cake with better email subject lines is what we’re all about, and the 2018 World Cup subject line possibilities are simply too good to pass up.

Sadly, our cutting-edge AI marketing language generation/optimisation technology is busy helping our customers make more money through better marketing language, so we suppose we’ll just have to speculate…

Feel free to use any of these email subject lines for your brand’s World Cup email campaigns, free of charge!


1) “Hurry, this sale could get Messi”

Wait, can a sale get messy? That’s a thing, right?


2) “We’re Putin the savings back in your wallet”

World cup – Russia – Putin… OK, it’s a bit of stretch


3) “Discounts up to FIFA-ty percent off all week long!”

See what we did there?


4) “Louis Suarez took a bite out of our prices!”

You know, ’cause he bites people.


5) “Kane we offer you a great deal today?”



6) “These prices will be gone soon (like the US from World Cup contention)”

Feel free to change that one to “Italy” if you prefer.


7) “Jesus, these offers are amazing!”

No, not that Jesus. The Brazillian footballer!


8) “You won’t have to bribe anyone to host this cup!”

If you have cups to sell, this event is a subject line goldmine.


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