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8 awesome summer holiday subject lines no-one has used yet

Ah, the summer holidays…


It was beginning to feel as if they’d never arrive.

But they’re here at last, and they’ve brought amazing email marketing opportunities along with them!

Holiday revellers play much faster and looser with their hard-earned savings than they do at any other time of the year (except maybe Christmas). In fact, the average British family spends a robust 2 months salary on its annual summer holiday adventures.

What brand wouldn’t want a slice of that pie?

Here at Phrasee, helping brands claim a bigger piece of the email revenue pie with better email marketing subject lines is what we’re all about, and the summer holiday subject line possibilities are simply too good to pass up.

Sadly, our cutting-edge AI marketing language generation/optimisation technology is busy helping our customers make more money through better marketing language, so we suppose we’ll just have to speculate…

Feel free to use any of these subject lines for your brand’s summer holiday email campaigns, free of charge!


1) “Tropic like it’s hot”

Branding lesson #1: Snoop Dogg sells


2) “Our holiday deals? Summer pretty good…”



3) “Your summer camping trip is going to be in tents”

Let’s move some tents.


4) “Your test results are in, and you need more vitamin sea”

To be fair, everyone needs vitamin sea…


5) “Resting beach face”

Don’t worry, the kids will get it.


6) “Don’t hate the playa”

Your brand is SO cosmopolitan!


7) “Stop and smell the rosé” 

Everybody likes rosé


8) “Do we have good deals for your trip to the beach? We shore do!”

We’ll show ourselves out

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