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8 awesome Labor Day subject lines no-one has used yet

Hands up if you like long weekends.


That’s what we thought.

The legacy of the organised labor movement is a significant one indeed. From the 8 hour workday to annual holiday entitlements and even the weekend itself, the organized labor movement and its leaders have given the world’s workers a lot. For that, deserve they deserve our undying gratitude.

One small part of that legacy is the Labor Day long weekend. Falling on the first Monday of each September, Labor Day offers us the chance to bid a fond farewell to the summer and welcome in autumn each and every year.

Better still, this venerable holiday invariably puts consumers in a spendy mood, with Labor Day revellers spending more than 10 billion dollars in the US alone. This annual spending spree offers the world’s brands an enticing digital marketing opportunity, and one we would all do well to make the most of.

And here at Phrasee, enticing digital marketing opportunities are what we’re all about.

Could our AI-optimised email subject lines help brands claim a bigger slice of the Labor Day weekend revenue pie?

Sadly, our  AI marketing tools are busy helping our customers make more money through better marketing language, so we suppose we’ll just have to speculate…


1) Grab your beret and a bouquet and join us this Labor Day for the gourmet sorbet buffet at the chalet.

Everybody likes rhymes. Also: french words.


2) Spend your Labor Day putting your liver to work! 15% off all beers all weekend long.

If you can’t sell beer on Labor Day, you don’t deserve to be in business.


3) May your Labor Day contain as little labor as possible.

Especially good if you sell reclining chairs.


4) Merry Christmas!

They’ll never see this one coming!


5) Happy Sabre Day! Buy a mace and a crossbow, get a free sword!

If you make your living selling medieval weapons and you haven’t thought of this one yet, shame on you!


6) Taco-bout a delicious long weekend!

Make sure your ingredients are all stocked up and get ready to move some tacos.


7) Seize the jeans of production!

Hey, communists need to buy clothes too.


8) Enjoy the boots of your labor… Buy one boot this weekend, get the second one free!

Also works if you are selling newts or flutes.



Trevor Beers, Senior Language Technician, Phrasee

Phrasee pheatures: Trevor Beers

Our very own Senior Language Technician, Trevor Beers, shares advice for those looking to join the tech industry, and insights into life at Phrasee.

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