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8 awesome International TV Talk Show Host Day subject lines no-one has used yet

Cutting through the noise and grabbing attention in the email inbox at Christmas, New Years, Hallowe’en or Black Friday can be a tall order for any brand.


Why? Because during the world’s biggest annual holidays, every brand under the sun smells the email marketing gold and puts their email teams to work at once, and the result is often little more than crowded inboxes and carefully crafted campaigns that go unopened.

Is sending email campaigns for the big holidays still worthwhile? Of course.

The thing is, there are plenty of smaller, more obscure holidays that go unexploited year after year, and we think they could represent even richer soil to plant a brand’s email marketing seeds in.

Take International TV Talk Show Host Day, for example. Falling on October 23rd of every year (a homage to the undisputed king of the late night talk show hosts, Johnny Carson, whose birthday falls on the same date), TV Talk Show Host Day is most likely an international holiday that your brand’s competitors have more than likely overlooked.

Is this unexploited email marketing opportunity just the ticket to launch your email marketing programme into a higher ROI bracket?

It just might be.

Sure Phrasee’s AI-driven marketing language generation and optimisation platform could probably help any brand make the most of the unclaimed revenues International TV Talk Show Host Day has to offer, but it’s a little busy at the moment (also, no-one has asked us yet). Sadly, our cutting-edge marketing AI is currently occupied helping our awesome customers make more money through better email subject lines,

But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate…


1) David Letterman

“I’m suing every blog ever for ripping off my “top ten list” idea. Please contribute to my legal fund”

This is one charitable cause we could get behind.


2) Oprah Winfrey

“YOU’RE getting a discount! And YOU’RE getting a discount! And YOU’RE getting a discount!”

Sure, a free car would be better, but discounts are OK too.


3) Jeremy Kyle

“Wondering why on earth anyone would ever agree to appear on my show? Open this email to find out!”

He must pay them or something, right?


4) Joan Rivers

“Can we talk (about life insurance)?”

May she rest in peace.


5) Graham Norton

“There’s a slight smell of wet dog in the email”

What a guy!


6) Arsenio Hall

“These prices will make you say ‘hmmm'”

Ah Arsenio… So many catch phrases.


7) Bill Maher

“I’ll let you punch me right in my smug, smarmy face for $5,000”

Best $5,000 you could ever spend.


8) Johnny Carson

Heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres’s email!

Come on. You’d open that.


Trevor Beers, Senior Language Technician, Phrasee

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