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8 awesome GDPR re-opt-in subject lines no-one has used yet

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect across the EU very, very soon.

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Scary, isn’t it?

For months, email marketing departments across the globe have been scrambling to get ready for this momentous event. Which is good, because leaving something as significant as getting your GDPR-compliant re-opt-in campaigns ready until the very last second would be a silly thing to do.

Very silly indeed.

We’re sure all of our readers are ready.

But, just in case you aren’t, just in case you are madly working away at this very minute, smoke billowing from your overworked keyboard as sweat drips from your furrowed brow, Phrasee is here to save you some time.

You’ve got enough work to do developing those amazing re-opt-in campaigns, the least we can do is give you all a little help with your email subject lines.

Unfortunately, our AI marketing language generation and optimisation tech is busy at the moment helping our clients make more money through better marketing language, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few suggestions with our feeble human brains in the meantime.

Feel free to use as many as you’d like, free of charge!

Like we said, it’s the least we can do…

1) “Areoptinsayswhat?”

If the subscriber says “what?” you just became GDPR compliant.


2) “GDPRen’t you glad you’re on our mailing list?”



3) “Gee, DP, are you going to re-opt-in?”

If the subscriber’s initials are D.P., this should work.


4) “Only idiots don’t re-opt-in!”

Nobody wants to look like an idiot.


5) “Make mailing list great again”

Hey, it worked for Trump.


6) “Please don’t re-opt-in!”

Reverse psychology. Works every time.


7) “Let’s be honest. Our emails are too good for you.”

Scarcity breeds desire.


8) “Opt-in or we’ll come to your house and punch you in the face”

Only use this strategy if you are willing to follow through on your threats.

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