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7 Calls to action we hope we never see

Email marketing is awesome.


For marketing ROI efficiency, no other digital channel comes close.

When done right, a marketing email campaign can not only generate revenue but can also strengthen brand image and garner consumer loyalty.

It all begins with awesome subject lines, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Email design, body copy language, and layout all have a part to play as well.

However, once a subscriber’s interest has been piqued by your awesome subject line, email copy, and design, it falls at last to your well-conceived call to action to produce the campaign’s final sales and conversions.

Want people to click? Make sure your CTAs offer something that your subscribers want. Otherwise, why on earth would they?

The good news is: as long as your language is on point, it is relatively easy to make most things sound appealing.

There are a few exceptions, though…


7 calls to action we hope we never see


1) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

Some folks say pineapple is a good pizza topping. Those folks are wrong, and possibly evil. This button will earn you at least 1 unsubscribe, that much we can guarantee you.


2) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

Do we at Phrasee have some Canadians on staff? Yes. Do they feel some kind of nationalistic affinity with Nickelback (who are also Canadian)? Nope. Nickelback songs are the spam emails of music.


3) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

No. Just no.


4) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

There was a time when the prospect of films based on a favourite toy/cartoon of 80’s children was exciting. Those days are gone. When will the endless flogging of the corpse of our cherished childhood memories finally end?


5) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

Go ahead. Click it or don’t click it. It makes no difference. You’re still going to hear it.


6) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

Who would agree to something like this? What an outrageous proposition! What’s next: giving them permission to do whatever they want with our personal information, data and photos in perpetuity? Like that would ever happen!


7) 7 calls to action we hope we never see

What madness is this?


Yes, there are some calls to action which will never generate clicks, no matter how well optimised those calls to action may be. For everything else, there’s Phrasee! We make calls to action better using our awesome AI machine learning technology. Check it out!

Featured image from: https://bit.ly/2Mzut4M

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