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4 tips for creating Facebook ads that work

It seems like every brand is advertising on facebook these days.

As well they should be.

With an active user base of over 1 billion human souls, Facebook has become one of the internet’s most important communication channels. That’s right, 1 billion-plus users. More impressive still, each of those 1 billion users spends an average of about 27 minutes per day perusing Facebook’s many groups and applications. Add all of this up, and you get one of the world’s most fertile advertising grounds.

While most brands have grasped the obvious fact that Facebook ads are worth investing in, many still struggle with doing so effectively. With thousands of brands striving to engage Facebook’s lucrative audience, and more joining the fray by the day, figuring out what makes Facebook ads work, and optimising your brand’s Facebook advertising strategy accordingly has become an absolute marketing imperative.

While there are countless elements that go into any successful Facebook ads campaign, there are a few key strategies that every brand should be focusing on to circumvent the struggle for Facebook ad traction.


1) Offer something of value.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: if you aren’t offering value, you’re doing marketing wrong.

“Offering value” in a Facebook ad can take many forms. From promotional offers and discounts to useful/entertaining copy, right down to a cool image worth sharing, if users are getting something out of your Facebook ads, they are far more likely to engage with your ad today and your ads in the future.

Exactly what form the value your brand offers users in a campaign is entirely up to you, but it’d better be worthwhile. Every Facebook impression is a branded moment that can alter user perception of your brand and its ads forever. Annoy users with valueless, deceptive, or boring advertising, and all you’ll accomplish is ensuring that your brand’s ads will be ignored altogether by the very audience you were trying to reach.

Making your ads worth engaging with is the truest path to Facebook advertising success, both now and in the long term.


2) Test! Test! Test!

Facebook users are fickle animals, and your audience’s tastes can change in an instant.

The margins that separate the Facebook ads haves from the Facebook ads have-nots are razor thin. Learning what works for your brand’s target audience and optimising your Facebook ad strategy to reflect this information is essential.

Split testing your brand’s Facebook ads on small samples of your target audience can provide massively important insights into the elements that can make your campaign a success. Try out a few different versions of each campaign before you send your ad live.

Was there one version of the ad that converted more effectively than the others? There very well could be. Split testing to determine the most effective iteration of a campaign can have a massive impact on your ROI bottom line.

But wait, there’s more: analysing which elements of your most successful ads separate them from your less successful ones can offer important learnings and help you engage your audience more effectively with every passing campaign.

Just remember: what works today could very well fall flat tomorrow. Ongoing testing is the most effective way forward.


3) It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…

Human language is incredibly complex, and fraught with advertising peril.

There are literally millions of ways that you can structure any advertising message to engage your brand’s audience. Given that, what are the odds that your Facebook ad’s language is as optimised as it could be?

Pretty slim.

The reality is that changing out a couple of words or even re-arranging the words in your ad’s copy can have a very real impact on how your Facebook ads perform. Learning what types of language and what ad copy words/sentiments/elements work most effectively in your ad copy can make a big difference in how your Facebook ads perform.

While split-testing can help with this, testing for all possible iterations of a marketing message can be a daunting and impractical task, leaving most brands stuck resorting to “gut feel” when deciding what marketing copy to use in their Facebook ads campaigns.

Luckily, AI marketing tools can help brands optimise their advertising copy in real time and at scale, and are becoming more accessible by the day. That’s very good news, since getting your brand’s Facebook ad copy just right can mean the difference between a campaign that produces laudable results and one that doesn’t.


4) Target and personalise

“Right person, right ad, right time.” Is just as important on Facebook as it is on any other advertising channel (maybe even more so!).

The Facebook ads platform offers some pretty intriguing audience targetting options. From age and location to interests and even propensity for engaging with ads, getting granular in your targetting and personalisation strategy has never been easier.

While breaking down your audience into targetted subgroups and personalising campaigns for those subgroups can be time-consuming, it is often well worth the effort. On a platform like Facebook where information overload and target audience saturation are very real concerns, engaging users to a meaningful degree can be a big ask. Consumer expectations around ad relevance and consumer experience are evolving rapidly, and only those brands that can deliver a highly relevant, personalised experience will be able to cut through the noise and engage Facebook’s notoriously fickle user base.

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