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4 reasons to get excited about Marketing Week Live

Marketing week live 2017 in London is going to be awesome.

The event brings together many of the best minds in the UK’s marketing industry for two days of speakers, networking, and brainstorming.

The event runs from March 8th-9th at at Olympia Central in Kensington, London.

Do you need a reason to be excited about this year’s event?

We’ve got four.

4 reasons to get excited about Marketing Week Live

Image credit: Sony Pictures Television


1) Big brands are coming

Who could pass up the chance to rub elbows with representatives from some of the UK’s biggest brands?

Marks and Spencer, ITV, Tesco Mobile and Lloyd’s Bank will all be sending speakers to this year’s event. With a star-studded line up like that, there should be plenty of opportunities for everyone in attendance to gain some key insights into the minds of some of the marketing world’s key movers and shakers.

2) Inspiring slogan

Inspiring slogan: 4 reasons to get excited about marketing week live

The theme of 2017’s Marketing Week Live Event is “Reach For The Stars”. And why not? The marketing world made great strides in 2016, and looks to do the same in the year to come.

The possibilities for the best and brightest in our amazing industry are boundless. As the digital age comes into its own, we have been presented with an opportunity to make an impact on how marketing will take shape in the decades to come like no other generation of marketers since the advent of the television. These are exciting times, and we should all be excited to be a part of them.

3) Plucky upstarts will be in attendance, too

If we’ve learned one thing from all the conferences, meetups, and events we have attended in our two years in the marketing business it is this: It is often not the keynote speakers and big brands in attendance that make events like Marketing Week Live worth attending. Rather, it is the smaller brands and those newer to the game that make the event.

We attend such events to hear new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. We ourselves were once but plucky upstarts trying to find our way in the world. Luckily, when we had our chance to speak in front of the best and brightest in the marketing world, some liked what we had to say. If they hadn’t, we probably never would’ve made it to the ripe old age of two.

Which “little engine that could” startup will wow us all this year?

4) This guy

Parry Malm: 4 reasons to get excited about Marketing Week Live

If you’ve never seen Phrasee CEO Parry Malm work it on stage before, you really should.

Labelled an “erudite iconoclast” early in his public speaking career, his presentations are always worth a watch.

This year’s offering:

Parry Malm: Marketing week live

Check it out!

Also, stop by the Phrasee booth (MD902) and have a gander at what our amazing AI marketing language tech can do! The incredible Miss Balloniverse will also be at our stand wowing the crowds with her brilliant balloon creations.


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