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3 reasons brands should invest more in their email marketing programs

For anyone wishing to market a brand these days, the options are endless…


Determining where best to focus one’s efforts and marketing budget can be a tough task.

TV, print, outdoor, social media, content, the list goes on. Each marketing channel option boasts its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

But there is one marketing channel which stands tall above them all. A channel offering robust ROI numbers, unmatched engagement, and a personalised touch found nowhere else in marketing.

That channel is email. And your brand should be investing more in it.

Here’s why…  


3 reasons brands should invest more in their email marketing programs


1) More control

Mark Zuckerberg is laughing at you.

Remember when any brand could create and run its own Facebook page, build an audience, and reach that audience at will, all for free? Remember all the time, effort and money brands invested in building those audiences, and how all that effort also inadvertently helped Facebook build its brand?

Remember what happened next?

Facebook pulled the rug out from under us all. With a few lines of code and the flick of a switch, all that time, effort and money brands had spent building their Facebook following was snatched away. Now, if we want to reach our hard-won audiences on Facebook, we must all pay for the privilege of doing so.

On Facebook, brands must rent their ad space. Facebook decides what you can advertise, who your ads reach, when you can send them, and how much you should pay.

The situation is much the same on almost every other marketing channel. Middle men wield far too much control over your brand’s marketing efforts and the performance data those efforts produce.

But not email marketing.

With email marketing, you are in the driver’s seat. You earn your audience, you keep your audience. Your marketing relationship with your subscribers is completely free from any meddling outside interests, and only and the subscriber decide what that relationship should look like.

Also, any data you collect when running a campaign is yours forever.

That’s how it should be.


2) More effective targeting

Many marketing channels claim to offer a high degree of personalisation and targeting. And, to a certain extent, they’re not wrong.

Running an ad during a television show, or in a publication your audience seems to like is probably not a bad idea. Neither is positioning outdoor advertisements in the places your customers tend to congregate. Optimising your marketing messages to your audience’s tastes, designing effective retargeting campaigns, using customer data for marketing personalisation, there are many tools a brand can use to optimise its targeted marketing efforts.

Such tactics help to increase the odds that your marketing messages will reach the consumers most likely to purchase from your brand at some point, and that when they do, they will offer your brand maximum consumer engagement impact.

Email marketing can take this all a few steps further, and at a fraction of the cost.

A carefully built subscriber list ensures that your marketing message reaches an audience that is already engaged with your brand on some level.

Tracking email marketing response and campaign performance data can help you optimise your message to connect with your audience more effectively over time, and marketing personalisation can be broken down to a granular level, ensuring that your audience remains as engaged as possible with your brand’s marketing message Throughout the marketing dialogue.


3) A more meaningful dialogue

The subtleties of the delicate relationship between brand and consumer transcend advertising.

The reasons people buy from particular brands are complex and varied, and the brands that understand this immutable fact of global commerce have been reaping financial rewards for decades.

Email marketing presents an opportunity to build a meaningful dialogue with consumers unmatched by any other marketing channel. Every time a consumer subscribes to your brand’s mailing list, they are opening a door to an intimate customer-brand relationship with you. The same cannot be said of the simple act of clicking on a banner ad or reading a content marketing post on your brand’s blog.

Every mailing list subscription represents an opportunity to deliver your brand’s message to one consumer directly. A consumer who has expressed an interest in hearing what your brand has to say.

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