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12 Tweets that were totally wrong about the demise of email

#emailisdead is one of our very favourite hashtags on Twitter.

It first appeared in the spring of 2009.


Then, in the fall of 2009 (4 months AFTER the first batch of #emailisdead Tweets made the rounds), one amateur revisionist historian decided to make it his own.


When the Wall Street journal published an article entitled “Why Email No Longer Rules” (featuring quotes from AOL executives), predicting that social media platforms would spell the end of email entirely by 2014, it was time for a well-deserved pat on the back.


With social media and mobile technology on the rise, the clamour to be the first to sound the death knell of email began to build…

For some, the intricacies of emailing links proved to be too tall a task.


For others, the shiny new toy of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter appeared to have the future all locked up.


You know, because the children are the future, after all…


Some believed that the only empirical evidence required was their own anecdotes about how frequently they did or didn’t check their email, or how many emails they had yet to open. So scientific!



And, since social networks were now the only things that mattered, clearly email marketing was a lame horse needing to be put down…



But it just never seemed to happen…


Because the data was clear.


The solution? Just keep moving the goalposts. Cult leaders use the same technique when their predictions of the date for the end of the world amount to nothing. Just make an excuse and set a new date…


It’s really the only option left for email’s naysayers. We know predicting that something will stand the test of time and being right isn’t as sexy, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.

Look at the numbers. Email isn’t going anywhere.

And as for email marketing?


Enough said.

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