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14 email statistics which prove email is not dead (or dying)

Global email use is growing

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Despite predictions from many experts that social media platforms and increased reliance on mobile technologies would make email obsolete, it has continued to flourish right along with the rest of the internet.

Email lives

As discussed in our previous post about the history of email, the electronic mail account was, in large part, the impetus for the creation of the internet in the first place. And, while its role may have diminished to some extent as the internet has evolved, it remains a key part of everything that goes on in the world wide web.

Email is a very useful communications tool in and of itself.

Email is the most appropriate choice for business communication and carries a level of formality lacking in most other internet communication platforms.

But there’s more.

Try online banking, online shopping, booking a flight, even joining social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without an email account and see how far you get.

All of these things require an email address, and that fact does not look like it will be changing any time soon.

For these reasons and more, rumours of the demise of email have been somewhat exaggerated.

But, if email use is growing, what does that actually look like? What does it mean?

To answer that we, as we at Phrasee do to answer most things, dove into the numbers…


14 email statistics which prove email is not dead (or dying)

*NOTE: obviously in the case of each statistic we could have added “according to one study”, or even cited the specific study, but this is a blog post, not a university paper. Our readers can assume that each of these numbers was gleaned from a study conducted (and reported) by us or someone else, and that the data it is based on could potentially be flawed in some way.*


The average email accounts per email user in 2015


The expected average email accounts per email user by 2019


The percentage of companies that currently generate more than 10% of their income via email

2.9 Billion 

The number of people who will be using email by 2019 (or 1/3 of the global population)


Email has been shown to be 40X more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter


The percentage of consumers aged 45-54 who have made a purchase influenced by an email marketing message


The percentage of people who check emails whilst on the toilet (click for the link. It’s awesome!)

205.6 billion

The number of emails per day sent worldwide in 2015. Of these, 112.5 billion were business emails.

246.5 Billion

The expected number of emails per day sent worldwide by 2019. Of these, 128.8 billion will be business emails.


Machine-generated email subject lines experience average open rates that are 70.5% higher than those written by humans.


The percentage of Fortune 500 B2B companies that had adopted email marketing automation by 2013


The most emails sent per user by any company in 2015. The winner? Groupon.


The percentage increase in email opens on mobile phone devices between 2011 and 2013


The percentage of Americans who report having opened emails whilst driving (not recommended)

So, what does it all mean?

Email isn’t going anywhere.

Particularly as it pertains to marketing online, email is as indispensable now as it ever was, if not more so. While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, may continue to proliferate, their marketing potential remains limited.

Content marketing (like this blog post, for example) has yet to definitively demonstrate sustainable efficacy.

In terms of return on investment, email marketing has no internet equal, and it isn’t even close.

Email Marketing ROI

Barring some unforeseen development, like the internet exploding, it is highly unlikely that any other communication platform will move to the online marketing forefront and usurp email’s position any time soon, if ever.

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